Are your drivers making mistakes that are costing you thousands of dollars?

You can take control by creating a culture of safety within your company.

It is well documented that companies who bother to take proactive measures to limit the risks taken by their fleet drivers, dramatically reduce their running costs.

Roadworks Driving School provides in house corporate assessments for your company’s drivers.

We will evaluate a driver’s competency during our on road sessions. We will assess their on-road driving skills, manoeuvre execution and observation and scanning techniques.

This drive will then be followed up by a comprehensive report that will detail the competencies achieved and give a rating that will show if the applicant is suitable or not.

Your business managers will be aware of the financial, legal and social problems that result from work related on- road incidents.  Your company has a duty of care to consider the chain of responsibility, rising insurance costs and workers compensation premiums. Vehicle costs, which are a minor part of the total impact on a business, include; downtime, replacement costs, lower resale value, recovery, storage and repair costs. In personal terms, there are legal fees, retraining or replacement of staff, lost wages, medical costs and loss in productivity.

Queensland Transport’s Workplace Fleet Safety System recommends seven steps for businesses.

  1. Include fleet safety and a safe driving framework in organizational policy and objectives
  2. Hire drivers on driving record and awareness of issues.
  3. Offer fleet safety and safe driving elements in staff induction courses.
  4. Better fleet selection and maintenance.
  5. Record and monitor involvement of fleet individuals.
  6. Offer incentives and disincentives.
  7. Support education programs.

With these strategies in mind, it may be timely to conduct a review of the competencies of your fleet. I’m sure you would agree that being pro-active in the maintenance of your fleet and its drivers is a more palatable than the alternatives. We also suggest a review of any new staff before they begin driving your vehicles. If you have drivers who have had an incident, we suggest a review before they renew their driving duties.