Yes, it does say “Invest”. Many parents do not consider driving lessons for their children as an investment, but would rather worry about the amount of money they spend on getting a licence. In fact, parents need to see that driving lessons with a good instructor, are a vital investment in their child’s future.

With the introduction of the tough new tests, learner drivers will be required to display skills such as merging at higher speeds in a motorway situation, as well as turning safely against oncoming traffic. As part of our DRIVING CHECKLIST, we at Roadworks Driver Training have been conducting “turning right at a green light” exercises for many years. We also ensure our students can safely merge onto the freeway, often spending a whole lesson entering on and exiting off the different freeway ramps. Our high pass rate is a reflection on the training regime we value.

There will also be a zero tolerance to speed during the new test process. Previously, a candidate could marginally exceed the speed limit twice before being failed on the third infringement. All minor and repeated errors will now be removed and this be classed as a Critical Driving Error only.  A trial of the speed restrictions was run by Queensland Transport last year. Feedback from examiners indicated that fewer students failed because of speed during this trial period. Our own test results have backed up this finding. At Roadworks, our coaching policy has always been “ the speed limit is the speed limit…don’t go over it.”

The main thrust of this new test requirement is to reduce the road toll. Young drivers are over-represented in official fatality figures so any move in this direction is a good move.

So, this is now the time for Parents to embrace the new test regime, not to complain about it. “Invest” in your children’s future by calling us at Roadworks for a comprehensive training package.

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